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The Edge

für Sopran, Violine, Violoncello, Tonband (1994)



Text: Robert Creeley aus „Mirrors“

The Edge

Long over whatever edge,
backward a false distance,
here and now, sentiment –

to begin again, forfeit
in whatever sense an end,
to give up thought of it –

hanging on to the weather’s edge,
hope, a suffiency, thinking
of love’s accident, this

long way come with no purpose,
face again, changing,
these hands, feet, beyond me,

coming home, an intersection,
crossing of one and many,
having all, having nothing –

Feeling thought, heart, head
generalities, all abstract –
no place for me or mine –

I take the world and lose it,
miss it, misplace it,
put it back or try to, can’t

find it, fool it, even feel it.
The snow from a high sky,
grey, floats down to me softly.

( © Robert Creeley, 1982)