VESPER | Lipparella

About the concert 

Vespers is the Latin name for one of the parts of the liturgy, or the canonical hours, namely the evening prayer. The canonical hours was originally intended to frame the events of the day in the monastic life, to make a life-form of worship. One of the, for us musicians, rare aspects of the vesper is that in its traditional form not only is the prayer in focus, but it is so in sung form. This is how Lipparella writes about their performance of the evening’s vespers: “Also in the musical contributions of Lipparella the voice will appear. Walter Zimmermann, with whom we have had a close collaboration in recent years, has composed several solo works for instrumentalists who sing or recite, here in Swedish, German and Arabic. At Zimmermann’s suggestion, we also play three short solo improvisations to a recording from the 1960s with the Danish poet Inger Christensen, where she performs her own poems with her singing voice. The text reflects the night and man’s vulnerability in existence. By the recently deceased Kaija Saariaho, Anna plays a Nocturne for solo violin. The works by Bruce Mather (theorb) and Kent Olofsson (bass gamba) are composed for Peter and Louise respectively. We have chosen to perform only solo works in this program. Perhaps we will break free from each other even in the spatial location. 

Walter Zimmermann – Gras der Kindheit [2006]; Paraklet [1995]; Från havets bibliotek (2006)  + Tre ”Improvisationer med Inger Christensen”

Bruce Mather – In memoriam Bengt Hambræus [2001]  for teorb

Kent Olofsson – Vocation [2016]  for gamba

Kaija Saariaho – Nocturne [1994]  for violin